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About the Research Chair for Rumi

Research chair for Rumi was granted to Dr. Seyyed Ali Asghar Mirbagheri Fard, the chairman of the Iranian Society for Promotion of Persian Language and Literature, by Iran National Science Foundation (INSF) on February 2017. Granting research chair is one of the special measures of the Iran National Science Foundation, which is limited in its entirety to prominent professors or effective institutions. In doing so The Foundation of Science of Iran decides to grant this research prize through observing scientific activities in the country and consulting with experts and academic groups.

So far, most of these research chairs have been granted to technical, engineering and medical disciplines, but the attention of the institute's directors to the literature and the need for people to benefit more from literary texts have made supporting literary research a priority. The Research Chair for Rumi seeks fulfilling two main objectives:

First, the presentation of new and innovative findings in the field of research, reflecting on the Research methodologies, revival and correction of texts in the field of research;

Second, the provision of a suitable context for utilizing Rumi's mystical capacities to promote the culture of society within the country and abroad in accordance with the elements and principles of Iranian Islamic culture.

The appropriate infrastructures have been developed to achieve the goals of the Research Chair Program and significant outcomes have been achieved through the promotion of the quality of research methodologies and the use of genuine sources in the field of Rumi Studies.