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Pathology of the Masnavi

The position and significance of Masnavi in expressing the mystical subjects and the interest of the audience led to the descriptive writing of this important system and a little bit as a literary-mystical stream in different times and regions.

Practical and theoretical mysticism or the first and second mystical tradition?

In the seventh century AH, there was a profound and fundamental change in Islamic mysticism. As a result of this evolution, mystical foundations changed and revolved.

The method of Explaining the Tradition and Manner of Mysticism

In order to realize the research goals in mystical research, it is necessary to adopt a methodological, scientific and coherent approach to the nature of the field.

Molavi scholars in Europe

In the field of comparative literature, the analysis of the influence of the literary, thinkers and translators of the works of Persian literature, especially the works of Maulana.


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Listen to this reed how it complains, telling a tale of separations.

حیلت رها کن عاشقــا دیوانه شو دیوانه شو و انـدر دل آتش درآ پــــروانـه شــو پروانــــــه شو هــم خــویش را بیگـــانه کن هم خانه را ویرانه کن و آنگه بیا با عاشقان هم خانـه شـو هم خانه شــو رو سینــه را چـون سینه ها هفت آب شو از کینه ها و آنگـــه شراب عشــق را پیمانـــه شــــو پیمانــه شـو باید کـــه جملــه جــان شــوی تا لایق جانان شوی گـــر ســوی مستــان میــروی مستانه شـــو مستانه شو....

Knowledge in Rumi's Masnavi

In the poetry of Masnavi, which is the result of a constructive and mutually beneficial interaction with a goddess, Rumi is involved with parameters in the knowledge and the right to join.

The mysterious songs of this great work are the result of a heart full of love and knowledge of the Creator.

Rumi's artistic expression of the Qur'an

In the teachings of Islam and the literature of the Muslims, the Quran and Hadith are two rich and opulent sources that have always been inspired by poets and writers throughout history

Rumi is among the Persian poets who have used them in an artistic way.

Man's relationship with nature from the viewpoint of Rumi

Human nature is a major part of the human body that, due to serious damage in this area, needs to be revised and provide effective approaches that will sustain this interaction more sustainably and meaningfully.